I AM… a one of a kind, uniquely designed, divinely made masterpiece

I DO… coach, teach, speak, write, mentor 

I ENJOY… helping others

Okay, that was the succinct version for those who just want the facts jack.  And  who is “jack” anyway.  Okay, let me focus.

About me…  I’m a wonderful wife (as my husband affectionately says).  I am very grateful to be married to my forever husband and best friend.  My favorite fun time activity is roller skating.  I use to be such a fanatic that I would have a pair of skates in my car, just in case I got the urge.  Yeah, REALLY!  I enjoy quality time spent with family and friends.  I also enjoy eating…mmmm a good meal.

All that said… I know it wasn’t really that much, but hopefully it tells you a little more about me.  I am passionate about helping people. I want to see you win in life.  Each person (yes, YOU) has something valuable to contribute to the world.  Whether I can help you with organization, achieving balance in your life or exposing the lies that have held you back, I consider it an honor to come alongside you on this journey called life.

I am thankful that my Heavenly Father uses me to help and encourage others.  I have been ordained as a minister of the Gospel.  I have been advanced certified as a Human Behavior Specialist.  I am part of a women’s ministry team which allows me the opportunity to encourage women in their relationship with Christ through Bible Studies, small groups, conferences and retreats.  I am also involved in prayer ministry and would be happy to come into agreement with you if you have a request.

Let’s enjoy this journey together…