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Finding Yourself in the Wilderness

Uniquely U

Next up in our Uniquely U blog series is Deborah.  She is a woman who wears many hats.  If I were to pick one phrase to describe Deborah it would be: passionate about prayer…  She views prayer as vital and it is evident through all aspects of her life. 

You can connect with Deborah on her website, facebook and twitter.


Hello, my name is Deborah G. Hunter and I am a wife, mother, author, inspirational speaker and business owner. I have written four books Breaking the Eve Mentality, The Call of Intercession, Raising Your Prophet, and the newly released The Wilderness, with another six on the way. My publishing company was birthed out of my passion for writing, as well as prophecy. In less than seven years, it has grown to heights I never imagined. My purpose is to “Offer God’s Heart to a Dying World” through the inspired gift of writing, personal testimony, and the gifts He has given to me to minister to His people. Deborah

My wilderness experience began in the year 2008, and God started to reveal Himself to me in ways I never could have anticipated. After six long years in my wilderness, God opened my eyes. Through brokenness, I found my place in the Kingdom. Out of the darkness, I found my light. Learning to embrace the “unique you” is challenging, as so many voices are allowed to speak into your life on a daily basis. I learned to cut off the “loud” voices, so I could hear that “still small voice,” the one VOICE that really mattered.  As I discovered His plans and His purposes were good for ME, no other voice was allowed to have precedence in my life. I am at a very peaceful place right now.

God has shown Himself faithful in the darkest recesses of my life. He has revealed His glory in my brokenness, and I chose to willfully lay my life down for Him. I understand that I am here, not for me, but for God and for others; for His purposes.  My relationship with the Lord allows me to remain encouraged and to see life as an assignment. I talk with my Father daily. Prayer is the key to living a life of Victory here on this earth. He hears His children. His ear is not far from the lips of those who trust and believe in Him.

I encourage you to seek the Lord for who He created you to be before the foundations of this world. He finished that work, and when we align ourselves with His will, He begins to reveal our purpose to us. Don’t settle for someone else’s gifts, talents, or calling. You will sell yourself short by trading your destiny for temporary success. If God has called you and anointed you in administration, why would you compromise the will of God by going after a more “flashy” position? Not everything that looks good is God. Embrace what is yours.  Hold fast to what you heard from God; grab a hold of it like a pit bull! Don’t let go until you see His blessing, favor, and purpose operating in your life!

When your purpose intersects with destiny, God’s timing, the fullness of God will manifest in your life. Stay close to the Father; He will speak to you!


Think about it…
Have you ever had a wilderness experience?
ow can what you learned in your wilderness experience help someone else?

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