Proverbs 11:25
The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.

Prosper to flourish, thrive or do well.  Refresh to renew, reactivate or replenish.

Would you consider yourself to be generous, a giver?  If so, then you are in good company because that is the example that Christ set for us.  He was a giver.  He gave of His time, His talent, His resources and His wisdom.  Christ invested into those who needed it the most.  He invested into those who would then invest into others and continue His message of faith, hope and love.

The Bible tells us that if we are generous, then we will flourish, thrive and do well and if we refresh others we ourselves will be refreshed.  If you do not feel like you are thriving today, then check your level of generosity.  Do you need to be refreshed?  Then choose to refresh another and watch what will happen in your life.

Caution:  do not do something for someone in expectation for that particular person to then do something for you in return.  Freely you receive, freely you give…

Remember to be REAL…

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