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Grace for Wellness – Part 1

Joining our Amazing Grace series is the fabulous Kari.  I met Kari years back when it was just her and her hubby…BK (before kids).  Funny thing is, although we lived fairly close to one another, our paths never crossed.  We actually met at WCBC in California.  Go figure…the Father knows how to cross people’s paths.  Now Kari and her hubby have added two beautiful kiddos to their family.

Kari is the founder of Joy Love Outreach which reaches out to families each year through various events and projects.  Kari is a Certified Wellness Coach and will be launching her new site soon.  I would call her a fireball when it comes to helping others, especially in the area of health and nutrition.  Kari blogs and tweets.  Her motto, “…enjoying the journey of my life.”  You can connect with Kari here.

Now here’s Kari on Grace for Wellness…

A Time for Change

“Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.”  3 John 1:2 (New Living Translation)

It is not only God’s desire, but His Will that His children live in divine health, not only in Heaven, but while on this earth as well.  His plan never consisted of sickness, disease, burnout, stress, obesity, cancer, fatigue or physical destruction.  At the fall of Adam in the garden, things changed.  The curse was introduced. God’s will didn’t change, but life on earth changed.  Instead of walking in divine health and happiness, now man had to labor and work and learn how to ‘live’ on this earth. True for us today, we must learn how to ‘live’ and function effectively on this earth and that includes how we take care of our physical bodies.

I know we all have struggled at some point in time with our health, whether with issues of sickness and disease or the never ending cycle of dieting.  When I look back on my life (and I’m only 35), I see that I have wasted too much time trying things that never had a positive outcome.  They may offer some temporary results – but the end result usually left me worse off than when I started.  I know I’m not alone in this.

It’s time for change. It’s time for a quality decision.  It’s time to take life seriously when it comes to our health.  In fact, if our health is compromised – how can we enjoy life?  Simply put – we cannot.

Taking care of ourselves should not be low priority, especially if you are a mom and/or wife.  We must be operating at our optimum level so we can take care of our families the way we have been created to.  We also need to be good examples for our children so they can be educated and live in a way that honors God as well.

 Think of it this way:  PREPARE now, so you don’t have to REPAIR later.

To be continued…


Questions for reflection

Do you make an effort to take care of your body?
In which areas do you struggle:  food, exercise, rest?

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  1. You are so sweet with your introductions :o)

    I've been reading the grace posts this month. They've all been very good! thanks for the opportunity, my friend!

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