Mentoring Part 3

Developing a relationship is important when it comes to mentoring.  In fact as the saying goes, people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.  When you develop relationship with people then they will give you permission to speak into their lives.

In a mentoring relationship a commitment has to be made on both sides.  Therefore prayer is vital in choosing a mentor or having God lead you to someone who needs mentoring.  Before Jesus chose the disciples He spent time before God in prayer.  Before I asked God to provide me with a mentor, I spent time with Him in prayer.

Some points to remember when mentoring

Build a climate of trust
The mentor achieves this by asking open-ended questions and listening carefully. Finding common ground and understanding perceptions are the goals.

Rely on information
The mentor needs to have accurate and sufficient knowledge of the mentee to be able to offer assistance. The mentor should ask questions to learn details about the mentee’s background, current situation and goals, using facts as the basis of the decision-making process.

Facilitate exploration
The mentor can assist the mentee in considering various options. Strategies could include asking about the reasons for choices and thinking creatively together about alternative means of accomplishing goals.

Confront difficult issues
In a developing relationship, the mentor can be useful in helping the mentee identify unproductive strategies and take steps toward changing them. Mentors should use the least amount of carefully stated feedback necessary for impact, and the focus should be on the most likely strategies for change.

Serve as a role model
By occasionally telling his or her own story, the mentor can motivate the mentee to take risks and make decisions without certainty of successful results. The conversations could also include learning from difficult experiences and developing the qualities needed to persist in one’s goals.

Develop the mentee’s vision
The mentor can be useful in helping the mentee develop processes for managing personal and spiritual change. Strategies might include assessing options and resources and making independent choices.

It has proven very beneficial to have a mentor to help me along on my journey.  I have also enjoyed the privilege of helping others along on their journey.

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Enjoying the journey…

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  1. Good posts. The youth pastor's at our church asked us to pray about becoming mentors to some of the kids on the youth group – so very good to read.

    How are you? Haven't 'seen' you around in a while!

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