Time to love YOU

Luke 10:27
…Love the Lord your God with all your heart
and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind;
and, love your neighbor as yourself.

We are encouraged to love God, love others and yes even to love self.

Love is patient… Love always perseveres (endures long)…

Are you patient with yourself?  Are you willing to endure the test of time to bring about a change in you?  Are you willing to persevere through obstacles to be the best you?

If not, then you are not loving yourself.

My passion is to help others be there best from the inside out!

To love wholly (fully)  is to love God, love others AND love yourself.  Loving in two out of three of those areas means you are only loving fractionally… and the goal in being the BEST YOU is to be whole in every area of life including your love walk.

Loving yourself allows you to be true in your relationships with others.

To be your best You is to walk out your journey, living the REAL You… the authentic you… the YOU that God fearfully and wonderfully made…His masterpiece!

Loving yourself God’s way is not selfish…

Remember to be REAL…