Trust at all times

anxiousPsalm 62:8
Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.

Trusting in the Lord at all times means trusting Him when everything in your life is going great, trusting in Him when life seems just average and trusting Him when you want to hide because you are experiencing situations that dark and painful. It seems to be fairly easy for people to trust God when life is good.  It is when unexpected situations arise or life gets messy that people begin the wavering, which is quite interesting because although a situation may have changed, God has not changed…  The Bible reminds us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, which means He has not changed.

Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability,
or strength of someone or something.

Trust is usually developed over time.  I love young people and years ago I served as a youth leader in my church.  Young people will test whether or not they can really trust you, whether your love for them will endure.  They will do all sorts of crazy things to see if you remain the same, to see if your love is consistent no matter what they say or do.  Needless to say, if you are going to serve young people you truly have to have heart for them.  When adults wanted to join the team to serve in youth ministry, there was a process they had to go through to ensure they were fully committed.  We were determined to create an environment where young people had the opportunity to develop their own personal relationship with God without it being hindered by trust issues with their leaders.

Trust the work that God will do in and through difficult situations…

I am reminded of my involvement of a Bible study years ago based on Luke 4:18.  We were discussing each aspect in which Jesus was anointed to do something for us.  There was a guest for the discussion on proclaiming freedom for the prisoner.  Our guest told the story of how one day life was good and the next her husband was going to prison. This woman’s husband was a business man and he ended up partnering in business with the wrong people.  These other people did some shady business deals and because he was connected with them he ended up going to prison.

This woman and her family were well-connected in their church and community.  Her children went to private schools. One day life was grand and the next day well…not so much.  You see, her husband was the only income source for the family, so when he went to prison the income became nonexistent. She lost all her so-called friends.  Many people in her church turned their backs in judgement.  Her children had to leave private school.  It seemed as if all was lost.  But what this woman shared with us that day in Bible study was that she knew she had to trust God.

Her situation was difficult if not dismal. However, instead of praying for God to get her out of the situation, she prayed for God to strengthen her through the situation and help her to learn whatever it was that she needed to learn during that season of life.  In other words she did not want to waste the trial or the suffering, she wanted to learn from it.  I thought wow, what an insightful outlook… God brought her through the situation, made her stronger, restored her family and today she is a testimony to the love of God.  She is a witness that we can truly trust the Lord at all times…

How is your level of trust with the Lord today?  Are you willing to trust Him at all times?

Remember to be REAL…