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Who Am I

Uniquely UJoining us in the Uniquely U blog series is Jazzy Thompkins.  She desires to inspire women to fulfill their destiny. Jazzy is a committed wife, a dedicated mom, a writer and her heart longs to encourage others. You can find Jazzy blogging here or connect with her on twitter.


I would often ask myself “who am I?” what is behind what everyone else sees in me? They tell me who they think I am, or who they want me to be, but I needed to find this out for myself. I took some time to find out who God created me to be and what His purpose was for my life. In doing that I learned that I love to encourage, motivate, and empower people to be better than before. I learned to love myself and every part of me, even the parts that I thought were ugly. I can wake up in the morning with no make-up and a head wrap on, look myself in the mirror and say, “Hey you, I like you, I love you, and I appreciate you.” That is how God sees me. Beloved He accepts and loves us for who we are.  Our scars, wrinkles, moles, and freckles or what we think are flaws, are actually what makes us different. Each human being and believer is unique.

To be unique means there is only one you. You are not a copycat, you are an original. You have your own identity; your hand and foot printJazzy Thompkins are different from anyone else’s. The very thought that God designed me says that He had me in mind. Isn’t that awesome! God does not make mistakes. He made us all different for a reason. God does not need two of the same people doing the same thing in His house. He gave us all different talents and abilities for which we should be proud, instead of being ashamed and embarrassed, or even want to change that uniqueness. Those very unique talents and gifts are what make you significantly who you are as a person.

In today’s world where everything is trending, I made a choice not to blend in. Instead I chose to be me. I do not want to keep up with the trends if it is going to make me uncomfortable with who I am, and who God says that I am. I decided to stick with what looks good on me, and what works for me. God designed and made us in His own image. Can you imagine how plain and boring the world would be if we all looked and acted exactly alike.

 “For example, the body is one unit and yet has many parts.
As all the parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” – 1 Corinthians 12:12 (GWT)

Each part has a specific function that is necessary to the body as a whole. The parts are different for a purpose, and in their differences they must work together. Christians must avoid two common errors: (1) being too proud of their abilities, or (2) thinking they have nothing to give to the body of believers. Instead of comparing ourselves to one another, we should use our different gifts, together, to spread the Good News of salvation. (Life Application Bible; NIV)

“For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” –
Psalm 139:13 (NIV)

He has made us all different from the hair on our head all the way down to the lines on our feet. Everything about God is unique, and since He is our creator why shouldn’t you be uniquely you?


Think about it…
Do you feel free to be yourself or is it easier to try to be like others?
ow can you taking a stand to be who you were created to be help someone else?

Share your thoughts with us, just comment below…